Partita in 4 parts and several tempos


(seems appropriate)

The day started with a theme, acquired a second one for a while, and another, but throughout kept and is still keeping Theme 1.

A conversation with my son first thing :- Evan, should Leith School of Art not accept you, why don’t you apply for the other course you wanted at Edinburgh University? It’s all chaos just now, one may as well ride it.’

Half an hour later, I am preparing to teach my online class. Chaos it is. Zoom meeting. IDs missing. Technology hic-ups> Time to ride the chaos differently.


Here, I go back to the theme with which my week started, whist replying to an e-mail.

As I was replying, I could feel more and more the shoes of the Elder on my feet. I was writing to someone on how, when we feel upset by somebody’s judgement of our actions, it is helpful if we are able to take a breathing gap, some space, and in that space breathe (how far we go on that journey is another journey altogether and not for this article) and remember one of the feature of us human beings is judgement, rather than discernment.

Judgement involves a projection, sometimes (often) a blame, someone thinking they know better than us how we should act and why, even if they are not in our shoes and do not have all the facts available plus they are not the ones acting either, and maybe they have no experience of what you are doing that is being judged.   Human beings can be fun…

That projections, carries a weight, and if one is not careful, ends up weighing on one psyche and spirit. Life takes practice.

Discernment: I like discernment. Discernment looks not for guilty parties, but searches for cause and what can be done better. It looks for the problem and seeks the solution if possible, if not it simply identifies the problem.

How does hatha yoga fit into what seems a mind technique?

Asanas are the training ground as they teach to differentiate.

One goes from : I am good at this, I am rubbish at this, to – this leg cannot rotate as much as the other. Where is the root of that? -My chest feels deep, tight, light. Discernment seeks qualities and not judgements. It looks for assessment. An assessing gap. A breathing gap.

The class started with working with confinement. A belt around the wrists as a tool to bring the chest on the foreground to explore the vastity of the breath within the obvious confinement of the chest as an explorative ground. The class evolved but I will not to into that, as that was that class and it is complete and over now.

After the class, I continued the practice for myself. It felt like a song that had only been half- written. I finished the song and rested in savasana.

As soon as I came out of that, more chaos immediately appeared. More technology bits related to admin. It was time for breakfast, time to walk my dog. Time to let the nervous system integrate the practice. Admin is for the afternoon. Taking space is not always possible, but if there is a choice, take it.


Often, after practice, I am in heaven. It can feel peaceful, mellow, or joyous and energetic, or spacious, light, or completely still and silent or any combinations of any of these.

Often, after practice, I write. Often, in my head. Often, as I walk, after practice I need to sing. It feels like the soul expressing itself and once it is complete, is gone.

Today, I took Lottie for her walk after the class and practice. I chose the wooded part of the park. Suddenly, we were reaping the rewards of somebody else’s effort: a beautiful bender had been built in the middle of the woods. Joy! We continue our walk, and off to one side, on another path, another beautiful shelter made from branches hanging like a roof floating mid-air between trees…

I feel so much joy within and trepidation, like a child suddenly thrust into a great treasure hunt.

In no time I find Lottie and we are walking up and down different paths, me , eagerly and curiously hoping to find more hidden gems…

Spaciousness welcomes us as we reach the end of the woods and a vast open bright space opens ahead of us.


Up the hill we go…Lottie, happily rolling in the grass…


Back down to earth.


You are covered in Fox poo!!!





Time to go back home.

Slowly, lovingly, I clean her.

BACK to the theme of the day….Ride the Chaos, with Wise discernment…

Until tonight…looking forward to the webinar: What the Embryo has to say about Togetherness.