Pre Natal Yoga

Due to Covid-19, classes are available online via Zoom,  either as 1:1 support or as a group. The focus will be on restorative and centering work, learning how to use mind body breath to best navigate the transformation you are undergoing in the midst of the current outside circumstances.

Dates: 4th June to 3rd July

Day and Time:  Friday 12:30-1:30 pm

Cost: £55 Concession £40

If joining late or leaving sooner, fees can be adjusted accordingly.

This class focuses on both developing strenght and flexibility, as well as having an emphasis on relaxation and the restorative aspect of poses.  I also teach breathing techniques which are very simple and extremely useful before the birth, during and especially after to recharge energy when tired.

I started my teacher training over 20 years ago, and became pregnant during the training. I was fortunate to experience first hand how to modify poses to help through this incredible stage of life.  I have been supporting women through their pregnancy and afterwards for many years now.  It is something I am very committed to.

One aspect of this class I particularly love,  is the bonding that happens between women. The special space and shared experience,  often helps creating  a new network to rely on for afterwards-when old friends do not want to hear about the poos an nappy changing, but we really really want to talk about it with people who are interested in it .

To book, please use our secure booking system. If you require further information, please fill in the contact form

My studio, Yoga Stable, 3a Montgomery Street Lane, Edinburgh EH7 5JT, is currently closed.