Pre Natal Yoga 1:1

Prenatal Yoga is now available either online or in person at St Margaret’s House in Edinburgh on a 1:1 basis.

Training/Mentoring also available for already qualified teachers. Please get in touch if interested.

The focus in the one to one sessions is on restorative and centering work, learning how to use mind body breath to best navigate the transformation you are undergoing in the midst of the current outside circumstances.

In the sessions we focus on both developing strenght and flexibility, as well as having an emphasis on relaxation and the restorative aspect of poses.  I also teach breathing techniques and movements  which are very simple and extremely useful before the birth, during and especially after to recharge energy when tired. I also support navigating the aches and pain that sometimes develop, using the practice to alleviate them.

I teach in English but can assist in Italian and Spanish if necessary.


I started practicing around 30 years ago, and became pregnant during the training. I was fortunate to experience first hand how to modify poses to help through this incredible stage of life.  I have been supporting women through their pregnancy and afterwards for many years now.  It is something I am very committed to.

To book, please contact me on 07818 553788 so we can make a time and then \i will send you a link through my secure booking system.