Welcome to my page.

All group classes are online at the moment.

Craniosacral Therapy sessions are in person at The Stable At the Lane on Wednesdays and at my studio at St Margaret’s House by appointment on Mondays. Online on Tuesdays.

Yoga one to one sessions are at the Stable At the Lane on Wednesdays. Online o Tuesdays.



I have 30 years practice experience of yoga, movement and process work, and 20 years of teaching practice in the field of bodywork, in particular Yoga. I started practicing in 1991 and teaching yoga full-time in 2000.

I am a level 3 Iyengar Yoga teacher and mentor and a registered Craniosacral therapist.  I studied  Core Process Psychotherapy as well as Swedish Massage, baby massage and Leboyer Toning. Over the years, I also developed a strong interest through personal life circumstances, in women’s health and babies and children. I started  supporting women prenatally in 2007 and  postnatally  in 2000, after the birth of my first child. Currently, I am studying in Bristol on the IBT (integrative Baby Therapy ) training. furthering my education in early life imprints and repatterning as well as deepening existing listening skills and trauma knowledge and more This later training lasts for two years and will end in 2022.

My ‘skills’ ( a strange work for vocational professions)  range from  Yoga teaching,  to Craniosacral therapy, movement, dance facilitation, pre- and post-natal work, meditation, counseling skills, mindfulness. I also have a passion for Clowning as a form of expression in its great authenticity and have attended courses in it , in Scotland and Switzerland.  I am an intuitive teacher. I practice from what I feel and teach from what I see. BKS Iyengar used to say :’Read the asanas in their bodies’. It is not an intellectual process. It goes deeper than that. In craniosacral therapy, one talks of ‘inherent treatment plan’-allowing enough space for things to come to surface and show what wants to be allowed in the space and resolved.

My work reflects the richness of life experience and how yoga practice and craniosacral work have taught me a different and much deeper way of listening and being with one another.

in 2005 I created my own studio from a wrecked garage and created Yoga Stable and run it as a Yoga Studio and Complementary Therapies Centre for fifteen years. I still practice from the Centre, now called The Stable At The Lane, and focus on one to one and therapeutics from there. Workshops, retreats and classes are held in other venues. I now only run very few weekly classes, currently from Life Care, in Stockbridge as well as online on Zoom.

The way I teach is very accessible. To me intermediate does not mean a difficult posture, but rather a capacity to listen and be present. I teach to facilitate that and the allowing of the ensuing peace, or joy, or capacity to embrace what happens in life to present itself through space, in the space. In order to join the intermediate class, you need to have attended classes for three years, but tying yourself in a knot is not at all a requirement.The level before is General. That is open to all.

To work with me, either  for group work or individual sessions at my studio, or for collaboration outside my studio, please contact me on 07818 553788, or via the booking form on this website.

Annamaria Sacco