Yoga and Movement Classes

The one you confront in Yoga is yourself. All that is rigid and stiff in you, all that says ‘No. – Frederick Leboyer

All classes are held at:

At the moment, classes are online on Zoom. I teach in English but can assist in Italian and Spanish as well if required.

Current Timetable:

Tuesday 11:00-12:00 Prenatal Yoga. Starts online on 28th April 2021 . 10 weeks block.  Click here to book for this class.

Tuesday 5:45 – 7:30pm   Online In this class we regularly practice inversions, it is best if you have around 3 years of practice before joining.

Wednesday 9:30-11:00 am  Open to all. Some of my current students in this class habe been coming for around 18 years, some are new. Online.

Classes are discounted by the block when taking 2 per week.

Click here to book using our secure online booking system.

Please be in touch if you have been affected by Covid-19 and are unable to pay, as I have a number of funded places available, for people in need. There is a COVID-19 option online in the payment section with explanation.

A bit about my yoga background:

I started practising in Iyengar Yoga in  1991, became an Iyengar teacher though various levels of qualifications and certifications, til  reaching what is  the current Level 3 and mentor level in the Iyengar system in 2020. I have been teaching full-time for 21 years. Over the years I studied with several Senior Iyengar teachers all over the world, as well as the Iyengar family in Pune, and completed a three years course on how to work remedially in a general yoga class. I have been supporting clients one to one with remedial yoga since 2007.

My main inspirations in Yoga are two great teachers I was fortunate enough to meet on my way, called Firooza Ali Razvi and Christian Pisano.

The way I teach now, although rooted in the Iyengar tradition, has moved away from it to embrace where my own practice keeps moving to, as well as what my students taught me over 21 years, and my own life experience and how Yoga has been woven thoughout in it.

I facilitate as well as teach, it depends of what I feel is necessary. My aim is to enable one to feel for themselves as much as possible.  I am there as a teacher to begin with, but later on, my focus is on helping one to stand on their own and develop their own practice. I see yoga as a life companion, and a great support. Practice can help to develop strength, resilience, flexibility, relaxation, peace but it actually  goes a lot deeper than that, and that is a very profound journey.

I teach groups classes as well as one to one classes and remedial work. Please contact me if you think 1:1 is something you would be interested in.

to book for group classes:

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I am also available to teach workshop outside of Edinburgh.

Please e-mail me for further information.