Body Symphonies 300 Hour Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Training

Body Symphonies Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training/Post-graduate Course

Body Symphonies  Mother and Baby Teacher and Practitioner  Training Course

Deepening Practice Circle

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Body Symphonies 300 Hour Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Training  2023-2024 – Edinburgh

Suitable for: long term yoga practitioners and yoga teachers alike.  300 Hours course over 2 years.

The objective for the course is to facilitate /enable as much as available for each participant, an awareness of themselves through a journey through the kosha.

The Kosha according to yoga philosophy can be described as a system describing layers of our being. From an anatomical, to a physiological, an intellectual, a discerning and a blissful layer. All of these are present when we practice.

To reach such purpose, the weekends are divided by theme of groups of asanas for the first 6 modules.There are 8 modules in total. We begin the course looking at how to establish Presence. That carries right through the course.

We start with standings, followed by seated postures, standing and seated twists, abdominal asanas, restorative poses, inversions and backbends.

The modules run from Thursday to Sunday.
Thursdays: 9:30-12:30 and 16:00- 19:00 Friday 9:30-12:30 and 16:00- 19:00, Saturday 9:30-12:30 and 14:30-17:30, Sunday 12:30-4:30 pm.

During the first modules I offer you a containment within which to start. As you become more familiar with the work you will understand the value of it, although at the start it may be challenging or frustrating, or it may not.

The focus is on adaptations suitable for all kinds of bodies, based on the asanas expressed from within, from how the organs feels, from what the qualities of the elements in our bodies show when we practice or observe another person. We look at how to enable the expression of the elemental qualities, how to find and sense balance, how to support another in that. Movement is an integral part of the course and how we gain an embodied understanding of anatomy .

Corrections: when to correct, how to correct, priorities. What is the most relevant point to address if any? Is it anatomical, emotional, psychological to name a few.

‘Conditions’ which appear commonly in class and how to address them. Challenges and class management.

Why less is more in instructing and how to develop one’s own way of finding that ‘less’.

Different ways to learn to listen to one’s own system and body.

Elements and their features and how that translates in our feeling into the different ways one pose may be from one attempt to another, before or after another.

No matter how many books one may read, yoga is in the experience. Practice-to me- is in the observing of one own’s life, practice is in the breath, the rhythms, the observing and witnessing. In the end life is a practice in action, at least that is where practice took me, although I started yoga to deal my acute back pain age 21 years old. You will find your way, and through the course, your practising or teaching voice.

I do my best to support you in your developing your own style and find your way, rather than you trying to teach as I teach. Each one of us needs to teach from what is true to their experience. You will hear me repeat that over and over again.

The homework is suggested, and it is your choice how much or how little you do of it, we are after all, an adult course.

It is recommended you attend a weekly class through the course and that you shadow a class from the second half on.

The course is also a big opportunity for self-development and process as reflective practice is a big part of it.

One may say it is not about prescriptive instructions-you may have had these in the 200 hours course previous to this if you are a teacher, or in the many years of attending classes- My focus is more about the principles and deepening into the listening through several layers of understanding and feeling into embodied experience.

Reflective journalling is advised.

One to one mentoring/supervision is available between each module. It is recommended, and it is again up to you how much or how little you make use of it.

The second half of the course, it is recommended you start teaching your friends/family and arrange student insurance for that – I will give you details for that-. The second part of the course, you will start sharing short sequences to the group, and by the end of the course you will be surprised of how much you have developed and grown in your confidence. The last part is for you to teaching Community classes to volunteers and the last session for me to teach all our volunteers as well as you course participants to close the circle, hand out diplomas and have time for celebrations.

If you are not interested in becoming a teacher, you can still do the course and be part of the group and do all of the same work until the last module, where instead of teaching the volunteers your role in the group will be of as group member and support to the others by being in the community class in the last two days.

There is a structure to giving feed-back, which will be explained once the course begins.

The course needs a minimum of 5 participants to run and the maximum number is 12.

A bit about me:

In this course I share with you some of what I have a lot of experience of: I bring my 24 years of full-time yoga teaching experience and the learning from the many students and groups I taught over those years , sixteen of remedial one to one work, running a Yoga Studio and countless hours of seminars, exams, courses and mentoring and supervision received over such time by great teachers I was fortunate to have as mentors in the Iyengar Yoga world as well as in my life outside of it. My main gratitude in particular goes to Firooza Ali Razvi, my direct teacher in Yoga over 16 years.

How I teach brings together all of this as well as how being a craniosacral therapist and movement practioner and teacher also influenced and changed the way I practice over the last 10 years, once embryological imprints started to show through the practice. A constant curiosity, an enquiring spirit, love for the subject, challenge as well as support, humour as well as depth, is some of what you can count on from me.

Depending on numbers the location may be my little gem of  studio Yoga Stable, The Stable, at 3a Montgomery Street Lane,  EH7 5JT or the beautiful and spacious new studio Yoga Collective, of which I am part,  at 6.02 St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh Palette, 151 London Rd, Edinburgh EH7 6AE.

Snacks are provided during the course. Please bring your own lunch.

2023-2024 Dates to be comfirmed. 

Cost: £2,900
Deposit of £440  at the time of booking. Payment of each year to be done by the start of each of the two years in April 2023 and April 2024.

10% discount if course paid in full before the start if the course.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss different arrangements and you truly wish to do the course.

All fees paid are non-refundable


This course is ideal for 200 hours yoga teachers and for long term yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of the subject . It is also suitable if you have a regular practice of 3 years+.

Missed sessions: You may not missed more than 4 sessions over the two years (sessions, not days) . Sessions can be made up by arranging time one to one wth Annamaria, to be paid separately at an hourly fee of £40 per hour.

Annamaria can be contacted on 07818 553788 if you wish to clarify any of the above.

Mentoring aside from the course can be arranged at a reduced fee of £40 per hour whilst on the course, instead of £60 per hour.

Registration form word document

Registration form pdf document

Body Symphonies Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training/Post-graduate Course

This course is for experienced yoga teachers who wish to support women in this important transition in their life.

The course has its strong foundation in what the course leader learnt over sixteen years of regularly teaching pregnancy yoga class from the women attending the classes, and in how this informed how the teaching had to adapt and grow each time to meet the person and the group.

The course includes asanas, meditation, mindfulness of breathing, sound. Skills on how to facilitate a group of this kind will be shared, as well as practical important tools on how to correct and modify the practice to suit the different phases of pregnancy safely.

We will look at what the most common challenges showing in class are and the teacher will share a lot of her tools on how to handle them and above all, her understanding of principles of practice, so you can find also safe different ways of your own.

The course teacher, Annamaria Sacco, taught for 20 years in the Iyengar Yoga system to senior and mentorship level, and was very fortunate to study yoga over 30 years with very inspiring teachers. Annamaria also trained in Leboyer Toning directly with his assistant Shanti Shivani, as she grew interested in bringing this work back. Annamaria started teaching yoga for pregnancy in 2006, and is mother to two young adults. She became pregnant with her first child during her training as a teacher, and although she had to post pone her assessment, half of her training happened whilst pregnant. Annamaria has also been teaching remedial yoga since 2007 and postnatal yoga since 2000. Annamaria supports women and their babies as craniosacral therapist in individual or family sessions and is currently studying perinatal imprints on the Integrative Baby Therapy Course with Embodied Consciousness trainings.

The course is taught partly by observing in a real class and partly in separate sessions over the course of 3 months. It is a practical course, and requires teachers to have teaching experience already to to have attended Annamaria’s 300 hours training.

Dates: tbc

Cost: £760

Body Symphonies Mother and Baby Teacher and Practitioner Training Course

The training is for yoga teachers and/or as well as professionals who have experience of bodywork who wish to support women in the period from 12 weeks to the crawling or more mobile phase of their baby.

The course has its strong foundation in what the course leader learnt over twenty years of regularly teaching post natal mother & baby classes from the women attending the classes with their babies , and a lot of what Annamaria learnt from observing and holding these groups.

The course includes facilitation skills on how to hold a group of this kind, helpful sequences, explanations on what should be avoided and why or what can be supportive and why. What challenges may arise and how to deal with them. What are the most common physical problems that can show up in such a class.  How to use movement and song to help mothers connect with their babies but also with one another as part of community. The use of the course to help foster community and connection and a support network of friendships which will lasts for many years beyond the class you will teach. The modules focus on breath awareness, meditation techniques, grounding techniques,  relevant anatomy and physiology, movement and play, baby massage techniques, group support skills.

The course teacher, Annamaria Sacco, taught for 20 years in the Iyengar Yoga system to senior and mentorship level, and was very fortunate to study yoga over 30 years with very inspiring teachers.

Annamaria also supports women and their babies as craniosacral therapist and is currently studying perinatal imprints on the Integrative Baby Therapy Course with Embodied Consciousness trainings. Annamaria started teaching yoga postnatal mother and baby classes after the birth of her first child, in 2000. It happened spontaneously from meeting with a group of women to learn baby massage, and from there, deciding to collectively hire a hall and pay 50p each to gather and have Annamaria facilitate the group. Her own children were constant source of teaching in the process. Over time the classes evolved into their own form.

The Level 1 course is held in Edinburgh, over one week Monday to Thursday and one week-end Saturday and Sunday a few months later when we gather to review together and assess before beginning.

Dates:   8th-11th May and 29th-30th September 2023

Cost : £760

Please contact me for further information and to book your place on the course.