I first got to know Annamaria and first started practicing yoga when I was pregnant with my eldest child, 8 years ago. I attended her prenatal classes which I found to be great, a super introduction to yoga which has led me to continue practicing throughout and in between both pregnancies and beyond! (Lianne- Yoga classes)
‘In gratitude to all my teachers who have gone before..and Annamaria was my first in a loving relationship with Iyengar practice. She has many talents as well as a passion for Yoga Stable. I felt she held the space for me on the yoga mat, to explore my physical body and move with what I can do.
Annamaria has the gift of inviting you into a universe of self-enquiry.
She is one of the greatest teachers I have studied with because of her depth, integrity, curiosity and warmth/openness in the world of Yoga’. (Alison-yoga classes)

Annamaria is a hugely experienced and inspiring yoga teacher.   She knows the Iyengar system inside out and creates varied, fun and challenging classes.  She is brilliant at adapting sequences to the students she has in front of  her and what they need at that moment and she seems to know an endless number of approaches to each pose so that no two classes are the same.  Annamaria is a warm-hearted and fun teacher.  I regularly come out of class feeling like I’ve had a workout, massage, and therapy all at once.  (Aileen -Yoga student and colleague)

I had a lovely craniosacral therapy session, which left me feeling very calm and balanced. Annamaria shared her knowledge and wisdom with such care and compassion – a wonderful modality offered by a highly competent and intuitive healer … highly recommended for specific ailments as well as general wellbeing <3 (Paula Louise – CST)

The atmosphere is super friendly and relaxed alongside some expert and practical advise. Anna Marie manages to create a space that is at the same time for me, as well a lovely way to be with my son. (Susan- TLC for Mother &Baby)

This class gave me the space to resume my yoga practise while also finding new ways to play with my son. It felt great to do short sequences of asanas to help regain strength and focus on myself. I am not a natural singer, but the songs we sang together in this class have really stuck with me, and even my older daughter has learnt one. There was a great relaxed atmosphere in the class, all the babies were confident in the space and Annamaria noticed before me how my son really likes to move to a beat! Naomi and Marko x( TLC for Mother &Baby)

I have been attending Annamaria’s post natal classes with my daughter Amy since she was 8 weeks old, and have loved every second. The combination of song, movement and touch really helped me bond with her, and the classes have given me lots of ideas for things to do with Amy at home too. The moves also helped me reconnect with my body after birth, and I was amazed at how quickly I got my strength back. It’s also been lovely to meet other new mums and their babies. I would highly recommend these classes to any new mum looking for a lovely relaxed class to enjoy with their little one! Vicki (TLC for Mother & Baby))

Annamaria creates such a warm and nurturing environment that her baby massage class not only made me feel more confident about massaging my daughter, but also more confident as a new mum. My daughter was seven weeks old when we joined the class and she clearly loved it. She’s now a year old and I still use the knowledge and skills to massage her – from relaxing after her bath time, to soothing sore tummies and blocked noses.  (Emily, Leith- Baby massage)

‘There had been several barriers to my having attended a yoga retreat prior to the Cardy Net House experience.  These were relatively normal ones such as lack of confidence, family responsibilities, financial and annual leave considerations.  A number of emotions were present before leaving home.

Worries were soon put to rest, once our small group established itself in the house.  All of the students and Annamaria were clearly looking forward to some approximately six hours of yoga a day to further develop their practice, enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the location and a complete break away from lives that are all very full and involve prioritising and juggling.

If the expectation was that my yoga practice would improve and I would be able to do Shirsasana in the middle of the room by the end of four days, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  This trip was so much more than working on asanas and pranayama.  It was an opportunity to disengage from all stressors, soak up the fresh sea air, relax completely without any feelings of guilt or fear of being judged in the most conducive environment.

The house itself provided excellent space for yoga and the underfloor heating was especially welcome and useful for drying wetsuits after a dip in the sea.

Praise in bucket loads to Annamaria, an inspirational and dynamic teacher who clearly understands and “reads” our bodies and is always able to give alternatives, if parts of our bodies simply will not co-operate, in a completely nurturing and supportive manner.  Clearly an enormous amount of planning, organisation and implementation went into providing us with a happy experience.

Not only was the yoga, the sleep thereafter, the interesting and varied company of fellow enthusiasts all immersing themselves in practice and getting to know each other incredibly welcome, but the icing on the cake was the gastronomic delights on offer at mealtimes!   A team effort but with inspiration from Agata and Annamaria, who clearly relished the opportunities provided by an enormous and well kitted out kitchen.  Mostly vegan and dairy free and incredibly satisfying which  left us feeling cleansed and nourished.

Norma (Fife retreat)’