Iyengar Yoga

The one you confront in Yoga is yourself. All that is rigid and stiff in you, all that says ‘No. – Frederick Leboyer

All classes are held at:

At the moment, classes are online on Zoom or in person At The Life Care Centre Stockbridge.

Current Timetable: until December 2020

Tuesday 5:45 – 7:30pm  Intermediate level. (3 years minimum experience). Online

Wednesday 9:30-11:00 am  Open to all. Online

Classes are discounted by the block when taking 2 per week.

Click here to book using our secure online booking system.

Please be in touch if you have been affected by Covid-19 and are unable to pay, as I have a number of funded places available, for people in need. There is a COVID-19 option online in the payment section with explanation.

A bit about my yoga background:

I started practising in 1991.  I have been teaching full-time for 20 years. My main inspirations are two great teachers I was fortunate enough to meet on my way, called Firooza Ali Razvi and Christian Pisano.

I see myself more as a facilitator than a teacher. My aim is to enable one to feel for themselves as much as possible.  I am there as a teacher to begin with, but later on, my focus is on helping one to stand on their own and develop their own practice. I see yoga as a life companion, and a great support. Practice can help to develop strength, resilience, flexibility, relaxation, peace but it actually  goes a lot deeper than that, and that is a very profound journey.

I teach groups classes as well as one to one classes and remedial work. Please contact me if you think 1:1 is something you would be interested in.

to book for group classes:

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I am also available to teach workshop outside of Edinburgh.

Please e-mail me for further information.