CST for Mothers, Babies and Children – Annamaria Sacco RCST

It is through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate.

Touch is the child’s first language, understanding comes long after feeling.

Frederick Leboyer



In person sessions are held by appointment at St Margaret’s House and I am still also  available online to give support and share skills as they may be required by home visits.

Other times by appointment are also possible.

Cost: £40 per session of £140 for 4.   £70 for home visit.

Where: St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh. Studio 6.19; or

Studio 6.02 Edinburgh , on 6th floor. Also available at Yoga Stable

To book:

  • Please contact me on 07818 553788  or e-mail me oon annamaria@bodysymphonies.co.uk to arrange for an appointment. I will then send you a link from my booking system to confirm and proceed to payment once we agree a time.

Welcome to the new incredible journey in your life.

I started working supporting women in 2007 with prenatal yoga and in 2000 with postnatal yoga after my first child was born. Over the years, I then taught mother and baby classes, and baby massage and Leboyer toning for pregnancy . Iam also an Integrative baby Therapist. In the way I work with children and babies, I bring the the gentle deep listening and touch of craniosacral therapy and pay attention also for Baby Body Language-repetitive movement a baby/child may disply which give more information about early birth story and prenatal unresolved happenings which want to be listened to.

Birth can be trouble free, or can show complications. Either way, birth is a process during which, your baby has to adapt to life outside after nine months protected in the womb.

Craniosacral therapy can support relaxation for both the baby and the parents and help with establishing feeding habits, sleeping patterns, bonding within the family.

It is helpful for the mothers previous to the birth as well as after, as it helps soothing and settling the nervous and hormonal system and is supportive of releasing constrictions which may create aches and pain during the pregnancy.

A baby can be brought as early as a few weeks after birth, as long as you feel happy to go out with your newborn.

By feeling calmer, a feeling of safety also gets established which helps both the mother during the birthing process and afterwards, and the baby with finding their place into the world.

Session with babies are very much led by the baby. The baby might want to feed, sleep, not be touched, or be happy to lie on a pillow on the couch and be touched. At times, I might work on the baby with the baby on your lap, or work on you instead.

The pictures you see are of one of my children, moments after the birth in one, and on her first day the other.  It was a natural birth, without complication, however, you can see in the photo the shape of the soft skull and the dent from being squeezed in going through the pelvic canal to be born.  The dent  disappeared after a while and the head took its own shape. I chose that picture to show how much they go through, even when it seems straightforward at times.

More can be read on the UK Association website here.