Body Symphonies Kids

Body Symphonies Kids

Meeting the charactes
Going were legs and paw cannot reach
Hiding in the den
Treaure at the end of the rainbow
Time to sleep…
You cannot see me..


The course is aimed at adults who works with 3-5 year old children.  We look at elements of narration, free flow creativity in story making, and how to allow the body to express in that. We also explore developing focus and relaxation fot the children.

The course run as a pilot in 2005 for the first time  in a nursery for 3 months and it was a complete success. It stayed in a drawer while my own children were growing up for the last 12 years.

It  was brought together through my background in teaching young ones, my background in literature and passion for reading out loud and acting, my experience as yoga teacher, dancer and mother.

I can come to your premises if you have a group of employees you would like to be trained, or the course otherwise runs once per year at The Stable At The Lane over three days – one week-end, followed by one day three months later.

Dates: Due to Covid-19  to be confirmed.


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