Yoga in action. Life.


When practicing asanas and teaching for years merges with life, one of the many instances.

Today I found myself receiving a call at 7:30 am to go downstairs to my parents. My mother’s legs were trapped in the bars of the bed.

She recently had a blood clot in her brain and these last few weeks have been a journey in supporting her  and my father, through whatever was needed, from mental, to physical, to practical, environmental, to working through stages of setting up support to hopefully last for a while, until the next shift happens.

Practising asanas is not only a physical exercise, it is a discipline which trains one to focus, to observe, to discern and to feel.

Our nature learns to feel quieter and more spacious over time, and things such as changes in the speed of our speech, or breathing rate, again, over a long time, may occur.

That sense of well being gives an imprint which initially stays with us for a short time as sensation, as memory and that ultimately becomes embodied into a new way of being.
This new way of being gets translated in daily life- the true place-for me, where yoga occurs.
It gets translated into skills like observing from a place of peace, what the problem is, aside from the mayhem which may surround it. It gets translated into a skill of learning to see what is, or in as much as possible trying to do so.
It gets translated into skilful listening skills to hear what is being said to be able to meet it as best as one can.
It gets translated into, at times, rather than listening to the reported speech, into trying to understand the original context instead, exactly like when, in correcting an asana, at times, it is best to ask the student to repeat from the start to find the root of what went wrong, rather then fixing the obvious external thing, which may be an arm out, when what went wrong was a hip rotation instead at the cause of it.
All is a matter of integration. A matter of listening. A matter of discerning.

The asana can be found in listening to your mother’s words and detecting the fear, or the need to rest for a while.

The asana can be found in your coming home and realise the emotions of the day, or its speed have been such, you need time out to listen to your belly and breathe a while to reset.

The more familiar one becomes with one’s own feeling of center/grounding , breath and in my case I also get a lot of feed back from my belly and my brain, the more one becomes acquainted with themselves, the more, life becomes human, real, and there is a calderon big enough to embrace it all.

Over time, I will share some grounding techniques and more insights, a bit at a time.


This is the first of a series of post of Yoga in life seen from the perspective of my personal life journey and the teachings I absorbed over the years.